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Off the Record

Sep 23, 2019

Get comfortable, take a deep breath and tune in as I sit down with the wise and indisputably dynamic, Terri Matthews who’s list of descriptors would make this a run on sentence.  Terri is a motivational speaker, a serial entrepreneur, and author.  She is an autism advocate and Host of television show, “On the Spectrum.”  Oh, there’s more.  Terri has established thriving businesses in nearly every major industry- clothing, hospitality, consulting, and technology, to name a few.  And throughout her career she has been decorated with many extremely well deserved accolades including The 30 Under 30 Business Award, The 40 Under 40 Business Award, Humanitarian of the Year, The Influential Woman Award, and my personal favorite because it describes her perfectly- The Force of Nature Award.  Terri is a motivator in all she does, and she uses her faith and her own personal story to help others turn pain into purpose and bridge the gap between struggle and success.  It’s an honor and a joy to share the studio with such a woman today and I hope you feel her inspiration the way I always do.


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