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Off the Record

Sep 30, 2019

It’s Episode 55 and we feel ALIVE!  Partly because it rhymes, but mostly because my guest today is the brilliantly courageous and inspirational journalist, Lexy Lebsack!  Lexy is the Senior Editor, as well as Correspondent and Producer of Refinery 29, a powerful online publication source for fashion, beauty, and lifestyle.  She has also written for Vox, Women’s Wear Daily, Los Angeles Magazine, and more, not to mention having made appearances on Dr. Oz, KTLA Morning News, MTV, and the list goes on.  Lexy’s resume speaks for itself, but my personal fascination with her and her work is what excites me even more about sitting down with her today.  I have been drawn to pieces such as “Environmental Awakening in the Beauty Industry,”  and others due to Lexy’s brave navigation and communication of highly interesting and often breathtaking elements of the industry.  On an even more personal note, Lexy has investigated and written on the truths behind synthetic mica which Skinowl uses to create that delicate shimmer we all know and love.  Lexy’s findings reveal the very sad truth of unjust child labor practices involved in the mining of natural mica, and have been a resource for me in ensuring that Skinowl is only using both environmentally safe and morally just products.  So from me, and from many others… Thank you, Lexy!  It is an honor and a joy to hear your story today!


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